Print-On-Demand Dropshipping Store

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What's Included?

Beautiful Dropshipping Store ✅

Custom Theme  ✅

Custom Print-On-Demand Designs/Products Based on Your Chosen Niche ✅

Unlimited Revisions During the Product Design Stage ✅

Source Files are Included Upon Delivery  ✅

A Custom Logo & Branding ✅

Facebook Ad Plan (step-by-step) ✅
(PDF & Video Tutorial)

Google Ad Plan (step-by-step)  ✅
(PDF & Video Tutorial)

TikTok Ad Plan (step-by-step)  ✅
(PDF & Video Tutorial)

Specific Audience Targeting For your Products  ✅
(PDF outlining specifically who to target on Google, TikTok, & Facebook/Instagram for your product)

Professional product description for your Products ✅

Easy fulfillment (through our Supplier) ✅

Legal Pages (Privacy, Terms of Use, Shipping, Contact Info, etc) ✅

**Unlimited Revisions for the First Month ✅
(We're not satisfied until your satisfied)

**Life-Time Quality Assurance ✅
(If we made a mistake in how we set up your store, you can come back to us to have us fix it, anytime, no questions asked)

**Life-Time Support ✅


Step 1:Choose Your Niche.

Step 2:
Choose Print-On-Demand Products.(We give you a list - If you have specific requirements, let us know)

Step 3: We design your Print-On-Demand Products. You give feedback! You retain complete control and ownership over the designs.(Unlimited Revisions)

Step 4:We build your store around your niche, write your custom ad plans and legal pages. 

Step 5:
We will then put together your products with your custom designs, connect the supplier, and import the products into your store. 

Step 6:We transfer the ownership of the store to you.


What is print on demand?
Print on Demand or POD is an ecommerce business model that involves working with a print provider to customize white-label products. You then sell these products on a pre-order basis under your own label or brand.

What different Products for Print-On-Demand do you offer?
Some of the categories and products we offer include (this is not an exhaustive list):


  1. T-shirts
  2. Hoodies and sweatshirts
  3. Tank tops
  4. Long sleeve shirts
  5. Polo shirts
  6. Jackets
  7. Leggings
  8. Socks
  9. Kids and youth apparel
  10. Baby clothing


  1. Hats and caps
  2. Beanies
  3. Tote bags
  4. Backpacks
  5. Fanny packs
  6. Phone cases
  7. Laptop sleeves
  8. Face masks

Home and Living:

  1. Mugs
  2. Travel mugs
  3. Water bottles
  4. Pillow covers
  5. Blankets
  6. Towels
  7. Aprons
  8. Coasters
  9. Cutting boards
  10. Placemats

Wall Art:

  1. Posters
  2. Canvas prints
  3. Framed prints
  4. Wall decals


  1. Notebooks
  2. Journals
  3. Greeting cards


  1. Puzzles
  2. Magnets
  3. Stickers

How Long Does it Take To Get Started?
We will get your store completely ready within 10 business days (pending your approval) and you will be able to start selling within 24 hours of delivery with our dropshipping program. We are compatible with Shopify.

What monthly fees will I have?
In total you will have $39/month for a Shopify plan.

How many POD (Print-On-Demand) Products Can I Sell Per Month?
As much as you want, with our supplier you will never be out of stock. Your earning is uncapped.

Do you have order minimums?
Not at all. We offer wholesale pricing starting at just one unit. We have better pricing at very low minimums, too.

What If I don't Like the Designs?
We offer unlimited revisions during the Product Design Stage. That means we're not finished until your satisfied.


We guarantee that we will provide a website with the potential to generate an online income. However we cannot guarantee that you will be successful and we cannot guarantee any profit. The success of an online business depends on many factors, most of which are out of EcommEvo's control. If you work with us you understand that we can not make any guarantees. 

How Many Different Products Do You Want Us to Design?