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3 Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

3 Simple Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

Increasing your conversion rates can have massive profit potential even if you only increase by .1%.

Firstly, it’s important to closely monitor your conversion rate. Fortunately, this is built into the Shopify platform. 

To check this, simply go to Analytics>Dashboard

Most of the time it only takes experimenting with some minor fixes to increase your conversions. 


1. Performance And Speed


First of all, it is crucial that your E-Commerce store loads fast. Google’s page speed study has shown that for every second it takes your store to load, bounce rate increases exponentially. Bounce rate for 1-3 second load speed is average, about 30%. But if your store takes up to 5 seconds to load, your bounce rate jumps to 90%.

Shopify is the fastest platform for your online store, however it is important to keep your store simple and clean, in order to ensure faster load speeds.

If your store is struggling with this, Ecomm Evo’s site audit has shown to be very helpful in increasing load times. Sometimes the issues can be complicated and need the expertise of a professional web developer to ensure the quickest load times.

2. High Quality Images and Copy

Customers in 2020 are educated, and informed. With so much noise in the marketplace, it is very important to have unique product images and a clean layout. Any store can produce stock photos straight from their supplier. Customers notice this. They are more likely to buy when they notice high quality images and clean copy. Customers are less likely to buy when they see stock images with poor copywriting in product descriptions.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your copy should be clear, grammatically correct, and never give your customer a reason not to purchase your product.

3. Have A Brand Story

Customers don’t want to buy generic products with no branding. When customers buy this way, they are only seeing the low price. This is unsustainable, and makes your business vulnerable to your competitor who can provide a cheaper offer.

People are happier when they buy from a company with a story that they can relate to. Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who started her business in the Baby niche to provide good products to other moms. Whatever the story is, it’s important to have one, and to let your customers know. Through social media and your business’s home page, it is very easy to tell a story through both images and words.

To make your brand unique it MUST have a story, otherwise how will your customers differentiate your brand from the rest? People are more likely to buy stories, and more likely to recommend brands with a story to their friends. 
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