Daily Social Buzz - Daily Social Media Posts

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What's Included?

Daily Social Media Image Posts ✅
Receive one professionally designed social media image post for each day of the month. These visually appealing posts will capture your brand's essence and engage your audience.

Customized Captions and Hashtags ✅
Each post comes complete with a carefully crafted caption that reflects your brand's voice and connects with your target audience. Additionally, we include hashtags that are tailored to your brand and specific post, maximizing reach and visibility.

Dedicated Social Media Strategist ✅
Gain access to a dedicated social media strategist who will work closely with you to understand your goals, preferences, and brand identity. They will ensure that your social media strategy aligns with your objectives and helps you achieve desired results.

Exclusive Social Media Scheduling Tool ✅
Take advantage of our exclusive social media scheduling tool, which grants you the flexibility to post additional content beyond the ones we create for you. This user-friendly tool enables you to effortlessly schedule and manage your social media posts, maintaining a consistent online presence.

Analytics and Performance Insights ✅
Track and analyze the performance of your social media content with access to detailed analytics. Understand how your posts are resonating with your audience, identify trends, and gain valuable insights to refine your social media strategy and drive better results.

Why Choose Us?

Professionally Curated Content ✅
Our team of skilled content creators will meticulously curate a range of engaging posts for your coffee shop. Each post includes relevant and trending hashtags to maximize reach and visibility. Additionally, we'll incorporate your brand watermark or logo into brand photos, ensuring a consistent and recognizable presence across all your social media platforms.

Eye-Catching Graphics ✅
Enhance your online presence with visually stunning graphics that grab attention and leave a lasting impression. Every post is carefully designed to reflect your coffee shop's unique brand identity, adding an extra touch of creativity and professionalism to your social media profiles.

Social Media Scheduler  ✅
Take control of your social media strategy with our intuitive scheduler. Easily schedule and organize your posts in advance, ensuring a consistent and timely presence on all your preferred platforms. Our scheduler saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional coffee and service to your customers.

Captivating Captions ✅
Engage your audience with captivating captions that tell your coffee shop's story, promote your offerings, and encourage interaction. Our team of content creators will craft compelling captions that resonate with your target customers, sparking conversations and building a loyal online community.
(in vertical, square, & landscape ratio)

Approval-Based Publishing ✅
We believe in empowering you with full control over your social media content. Before any post goes live, you will have the final say. Our approval system ensures that you have 100% control over all content being published to your social media pages. Rest assured that nothing will be posted without your approval, giving you peace of mind and complete confidence in your online presence.

Cost-Effective Solution ✅
We believe that every coffee shop, regardless of its size, should have access to professional social media management. That's why we offer our Daily Social Buzz subscription at an affordable price, starting at just $399/month. With our forever pricing guarantee, you can secure this exclusive rate and watch your online presence flourish.

**Life-Time Support ✅


1. Subscribe to the plan

2. After you start a subscription, we will create an account for you on our social media management platform. You will receive an email once this is completed with instructions on how to use the platform.

3. Your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected to our platform.

4. We curate, upload and schedule a month's worth of daily content.

 5. You receive an approval link to approve each post!