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How to Install the TikTok Ads Pixel to a Shopify Store in 2023

How to Install the TikTok Ads Pixel to a Shopify Store in 2023

When you are starting a drop-shipping Shopify store and you want to run Ads on TikTok you have to install a TikTok Pixel. A TikTok Pixel is used to track website visitors on your store. Installing the Pixel shows TikTok who made a purchase on your store and ignites the TikTok algorithm to target similar users on TikTok. Here is a video tutorial on how to ad a TikTok Pixel to a Shopify store. For written instructions, see below. 

Step 1: Create your Pixel in TikTok Ads Manager

  • Click Event under Assets in TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Choose Website Pixel, and click Manage to reach Events Manager.
  • Click Create Pixel.
  • Add a Pixel Name. You can name this your store name and Pixel. For example we named our EcommEvo Pixel. 
    • We recommend the pixel name corresponds to the website or domain name. Maximum character length is 128 characters, including spaces.
  • Select Manually install pixel code, then click Next.Copy the TikTok Pixel Code
  • Select Standard Mode as your Event Setup Mode, then click Next.
  • Copy the pixel code by clicking Copy Pixel Code or clicking directly on the code itself. You can also download the pixel code using the Download Pixel Code

Step 2: Add the Shopify App: TikTok Ads Pixel Installer

Step 3: Install pixel code to your Shopify website

  • Click "Connect TikTok Pixel"
  • Paste the Pixel Base Code from TikTok Events Manager. 
    • Make sure you enable the following settings:
      • Enable TikTok Pixel on the storefront
        • Track Product Details Page 
        • Track Place an Order event
        • Track Add to Cart event
        • Track Complete Payment event
  • Click Save

Step 4: Check that you've installed the Pixel Code correctly

  • Click Check pixel code installation. it will let you know if you've configured the pixel code correctly. 

That's how you can very easily add the TikTok Pixel code for free on your shopify website and get started on running ads!

All of our stores come with product researched vetted products, Ad plans, Audience targeting for TikTok, Facebook/Instagram, and Google. 

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